HFOOAD Chapter 4 – The Real World

People are so focused on their code and program/app that they forget about other stuff.

In this chapter it’s all about whether or not you should publish your app or if it is ready to be delivered to the customer/client.

It has to go beyond the code because the code is not the only thing that matters, you need to LEARN how to SELL your app and convince investors, clients and customers that your product can actually do a purpose in society and of course for the greater good.

Why is it important to actually learn how to sell your product and app? They (investors) don’t give a damn if you had 100s during your university days, all they care is about money, money and money. That’s why they look always for two things:

  1. You know the basics.
  2. You know how to talk and sell yourself.

Imagine convincing a table full of investors that have their accounts working at Wall-street and they say “You know what, you are in.” that has to be the greatest feeling ever but is it?

Let’s portrait this, a nerd guy creates something that could end humanity’s worst nightmare and that is dying from starvation. He goes and presents it but he doesn’t sell it. Why? Maybe his/her app does what he/she said but the convinced investors were not there and they won’t comeback for another chance.

Learning how to talk is as important to know how to write, implement and execute code. If you don’t know how to talk and convince other people that YOUR product is the right choice… then you are wasting your time and their time.


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