Mastery 04 – Modeling Languages and Tools

This chapter talks about one of the most important things a programmer/developer must face whenever he’s working on something “important”. Everything is important right?

This chapter highlights the fact that delivering and publishing software are “technically” same but different at the same time.

  1. Publishing: Whenever you publish something there are two scenarios. Is it BETA or Closed-BETA?
  2. Delivering: Does your software fulfill the expectations of the client? Does it actually do what’s supposed to do?

Those are some of the questions you might have whenever two of those things are about to happen.

We are all humans and we tend to do mistakes (a lot of them whenever we are involved with technology) but whenever you launch something to the internet expect backlash… and A LOT. IT’S DAILY! Patch after patch you’ll try to improve your work and even though you fix something you will break something, that’s how it is.

To avoid certain backlash you should focus on making a learning curve, is it hard? Does it actually take a lot of time? That’s why you go for the user case and learn from scratch what does it feel for someone to use the software.

First of all identify the problem and of course be nice and endure the mean comments people might say about your software but once you understand what the problem is you can just remove it or fix it.

By doing this you can and will help newcomers and long time users happy. All the time try to focus on the mean so you help 50:50 of the users.


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