Mastery #3 – Use Cases or User Stories?

You may say that those are are related or maybe you even say those are the same things.

Both are a methodology that technically are a must while building apps and projects that require employees to use the app. It helps to organize and divide by parts what the app should do for a specific user and then go from there. Even though they are technically the same a Use Case is specifically oriented to a user DOING/EXECUTING the action and step by step.

While it gives the user an idea of what it might do it has to be grouped by certain elements that are used together to create a perfect interaction between machine and user. For instance, if the user is an administrator the system should and must contain ALL activities related to this action. How? Well, being able to see pricing, money and customers and then be able to work from there.

Here are some of the possible and most common characteristics:

  • Organizes functional requirements
  • Models the goals of system/actor (user) interactions
  • Records paths (called scenarios) from trigger events to goals
  • Describes one main flow of events (also called a basic course of action), and possibly other ones, called exceptional flows of events (also called alternate courses of action)
  • Is multi-level, so that one use case can use the functionality of another one.”



Margaret Rouse. (n.d). What is use Case?. February 22, 2019, de TechTarget Sitio web:

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