Chapter 6 HFOOAD – Let’s be an Architect

Before reading this chapter I rewatched Inception, after reading the chapter I think there is a connection therefore you will see a lot of references to the movie connected with the chapter.

Ever wonder how can you do a work or maybe what are you going to work on exactly? This chapter says all about it. It is important for us to understand that in life sometimes we will do stuff without knowing if we like it or how are going to approach it.

If you have seen the movie Inception you will remember that the architect was the key to a successful “trick” because it is based on the “clients” memory, you sell it.



This chapter is called “My Name is Art Vandelay… I am an Architect”. This chapter as mentioned before talks about being an architect to create stuff that others cannot, being creative and basically create the “impossible”. In Inception the architect has the knowledge of how buildings work and “science”, what Cobb wants Ariadne to do is put in practice the knowledge and take it to something BIGGER!

This chapter talks about to build bigger programs, bigger problems and of course know how to handle them. For this, we need to apply what Ariadne did… basic knowledge that was given from previous chapters. Here is a little “review” of the steps one must follow:

  1. Software is based on client’s requirements
  2. Software does what the client wants
  3. Create an easy changeable project if the whole thing needs changes



In Inception whenever they created the whole plan to insert the idea they went through a deep analysis of Fischer’s mind and what could they use to make it look more real. Same applies for a bigger system which requires a deep analysis. In order to create a “perfect dream” Cobb made sure that his team created a world to reflect Fischer’s currently reality therefore everything was connected, its components etc. Same applies for the bigger software, all of its components need to be connected and working together to create a good software. Book mentions to study, analyze and work with the different components as individuals, just like in the movie with Fischer’s uncle and father.



In the movie when Cobb starts to interact with Fischer strange things happen and everything starts to get more complex, that is our keyword here. The interaction with our client (Fischer) is so important that even the smallest details come in place. Having this in mind the purpose of the software (Cobb) will determine how well things can go BASED on the client decisions and actions.

This chapter introduces our title, feature. It is something big that it becomes so important that reflects what our system/client is going to do. As mentioned before, a series of requirements must be done before working with this. If done correctly no problems should arise but if done wrong…

Things can get complicated…





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