HFOOAD Ch 7 – “Bringing Order to Chaos”

The amazing line of those start-up companies is always “Hey! Where do I start? ” or “Do you know where to start?!”

It has been this cliche thingy to ask that question that a lot of people get tired of it. Like, leave me alone! I know what I am doing. Yes, I did used a common used phrase by Kimi from F1.


Maybe if we step back a little bit and relax we get to know where do we want to go. It is very easy to other people to comment about the stuff we should do or not do.

Grab the whole thing, be a goddamn man and split it. DO NOT try to eat the whole thing in one sitting, it is almost likely to be impossible. This is why this chapter is so damn important because it teaches you that splitting stuff is not always bad.

This ideology is best described and named by the book as Well-Ordered and Well-Designed Application. Picture this, you have a big cake of let’s say 10 slices, it can be divided up to 10 slices. Each slice is a different flavor… you will never taste the true satisfaction of eating the cake so what do you? Hmm… cut it? Maybe? I do not know.


Start working (eating) one and whenever you finish it go for the next one. Do not rush it m8.

Another addition to this blog would be the famous 3-Q that are involved in the architecture.

Is it part of the essence of the system?

  • Is it part of the main core? If you remove it does it affect the program or not?

How can I do it?

  • Just like math, there is a logic of solving all the problems and it is up to you to find out how to do it.

What do you mean?

  • Yes, just like JB song you need to play an important role of knowing exactly what it means and what it does. Why? Well, knowing where things come from is easier to work with.

The Verdict? Work with something at a time. Do not rush, this helps you out not to miss any details.


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