Lisp, the Good news and most likely the Bad News

Throughout all my years at ITESM this has to be one of the very few essays I’ve read with passion of knowing more about it. I truly recommend it to anyone who has the desire of learning how the MIT and New Jersey operate.

There is a lot of information that could be part of this blog post but I think as mentioned before that the MIT and New Jersey are the most important topics of discussion.

MIT has always being of doing not the right thing but ‘what’s fair and square” and they showed it by using a consistent implementation. I also have to mention that consistent and complete implementation is what give its prestige. I mean, who does not want a simple interface?

Throughout the years we have seen some awful stuff but in time they implement new stuff and make it better. Like the song “started from the bottom now we here”, it is exactly the same thing for New Jersey, their ideology goes in that route. They (almost) identical to MIT tried to replicate the simple implementation as well the interface.

As we all know, the MIT is one if not the most prestigious university of the world. If getting admitted is difficult imagine the design they expect? Those are the major leagues, LISP is focused on that. They want consistent, good software and design. On the other side, New Jersey is backed up by C and Unix.

The “awful” implementation of New Jersey has seen the light many times in many ocassions. The long journey of updating and giving the proper service will always be welcomed even if the preview looked amazing.

I have to insist on this essay, they are right. There is a HUGE gap between software that is popular and the high tier ones. Take for example the AAA companies like Activision and EA (Electronic Arts). Both companies have millions upon millions of dollars so one can expect that their software would be high tier a la excellent. What happens when guys like Epic Games releases a game like Fortnite? If you played the BETA (early one, it is still on BETA) the game ran like garbage (IMO still does) but the constant, perfect timed and dedication to implement new features to the game made it gain its popularity. What would you say of a game developer that every week gives it an update and changes “drastically” the game? Interesting, indeed.

It is up to you. Sometimes a mess can help you gain popularity instead of the fraud AAA companies have done over the years with stuff like micro-transactions.


Lisp: Good News, Bad News, How to Win Big


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