Mastery 9 – Class to Code?

I’ve always believed that paying attention in class saves you up to 50% of the work done at home. Why? Just like anything in life if we dedicate enough time it is easy to do. Think about math, you learn how to add, subtract, multiply etc at school and because you attention was only focused on that you get the general idea, the true definition and the main question: Where does it come from?

If we take this to the next level it would be with code. The teacher in most cases uses the projector to display the code and explains not in its entirety but most of the lines of code plus the questions the students may have.

A personal experience is with Java and OOP, one of the main reasons of why most students bail and move to another degree (boooo!)

I took the class with a teacher that took the time to explain even the smallest things but it was up to us to explore the code, use and understand how it works. If you did not practice enough or use the learnt code in other scenarios then you were screwed.

Let’s imagine that classes are a big sandbox in which anything is validated, after that the sandbox becomes a true test with no trial and error. If you missed you missed.

I truly believe that dedicating at least 3 hours to a class that you take two days a week is the minimum to have an idea of how things worked and of course how things are linked.



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