Mastery 9 – Class to Code?

I’ve always believed that paying attention in class saves you up to 50% of the work done at home. Why? Just like anything in life if we dedicate enough time it is easy to do. Think about math, you learn how to add, subtract, multiply etc at school and because you attention was only focused […]

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UML Pt 2 – M #7

Have you ever wondered how time is relative and how a certain action can be done infinite amount of times? Something called State Diagrams are used for that. State Diagrams are considered a behavioral diagram which helps to represent certain transitions of behavior. Throughout the readings we have learned that most of the time (if […]

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SimSE – A Sims on Java

What would you say if I told you that playing Sims (almost) using Java is possible? I guess you would freak out. It is possible and it’s amazing, it’s free by the way. The game consists on different characters who perform certain tasks and it is up to you to “regulate” their performance, the more […]

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